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Insulating Glass

Insulating glass consists of two or more plies of glass enclosed by a spacer. Insulating glass increases a window’s thermal performance by reducing the heat gain or loss.

Velocity’s insulating glass units are sealed with a primary seal and a secondary seal of silicone. Insulating units are designed to absorb stress on the unit caused by thermal expansion and pressure, provide a barrier to water and moisture infiltration, provide a gas-tight seal to prevent loss of the argon gas fill and create a barrier that reduces condensation


Monolithic Glass

Monolithic glass is a single lite of glass that is typically used in the construction of the final fabricated product. Velocity uses clear and tinted float glass substrates from Guardian, AGC, and Cardinal.


Heat-Treated Glass

Heat-treated glass has passed through a tempering furnace to alter its strength characteristics. Heat-treated glass can be heat-strengthened (HS) or fully tempered (FT). HS glass is twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness, size and type. If broken, it will break into large shards similar to annealed glass. FT glass is typically four times stronger than annealed glass and two times as strong as heat-strengthened glass of the same thickness, size and type. If broken, fully tempered glass will break into fairly small pieces, reducing the chance for injury.


Spandrel Glass

In contrast to vision area glass, which is meant to be transparent, spandrel glass is designed to be opaque. It has a factory-applied ceramic frit paint applied to it and is used to help hide features between the floors of a building, including vents, wires, slab ends and mechanical equipment.



Silk-screen printing with ceramic enamel creates a single-color, repetitive pattern such as lines, dots or holes. Silk-screened glass is UV resistant and improves solar control.

Velocity offers a variety of standard silk-screen patterns.

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